Optical, Brescia since 1920

Quality and experience in the city center.

Optical, Brescia since 1920

Professionalism and courtesy: Tominetti offers a range of frames vision models and exclusive sun glasses and tied to the latest indications of international fashion, with constant attention to the most current technological requirements in the face of tradition: Optical, Brescia since 1920  The Principal and Staff of the shop will guide customers in choosing purely aesthetic character of the articles, as well as guidance relating to the dioptric problems.

Optical, Brescia since 1920

The experience gained from a ‘direct activities during almost a hundred years ensures both customers loyal to us for generations, both new customers and young people a guarantee of supply and optical care at the highest level. In the shop being Zanardelli be offered the choice of the best models of glasses, and as you can, using the most current technology, accurate control of the views and guidance on the best solutions to be adopted.


Authorized distributor of many of the most prestigious brands appreciated by the clientele that pays attention to the suggestions of trend and fashion.

Optical, Brescia since 1920 Tominetti is a historical reality, reseller and authorized distributor of prestigious brands such as Cartier, label which is the official dealer, Ray Ban, Persol, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Montblanc.

The frames of the glasses in the catalog can be fitted depending on the diopter correction needs to be:

LENSES Single vision
The optimal solution for simple visual defects, correction for distance vision or reading.
The ideal vision at any distance: sharp from infinity (far) to the reading distance, without interruptions of continuity.
Photochromic, polarized.

for the visual comfort solution applicable to all types of lenses

Application and technical assistance with choosing the right lens to the visual defect, the distribution of the best products of use for optimal maintenance of lenti-
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